Procedural firefighting training

The firefighting apprenticeship is the only way to become a qualified and certified firefighter. When learning to become a firefighter you are taught the basic principles. The 5 basics are Prevention, Detection and Communication, Occupant Protection, Containment and Extinguishment. The procedures for firefighting are the same throughout the world and are meant to be used that way in any scenario. What if you could refine and train those procedures in a way that wasn’t available before the world of VR existed?

Train as you fight

Apprentice firefighters also learn about firefighting procedures and scenarios that could never be trained. This means that it remains theoretical, which in itself is necessary to become a firefighter and decide accordingly in any given situation. In comes Flashover, the all-in-one VR suitcase that gives firefighters the opportunity to train any procedure in a simulation. In order to train as you fight Flashover gives the unique opportunity to realistically train any scenario.

Real Firefighting Tools

With the VR suitcase comes equipment that is available in every scenario when fighting fires. A thermal imager to help with detection and communication and occupant protection. A real TFT F06 nozzle enriched with sensors to ensure hands-on training and muscle memory. Or think about crowbars to ensure maximum ability of opening any obstruction. Procedures like O-bundles or providing training for any class fire, from A to K. The team behind flashover, consisting of programmers and real firefighting experts, are still constantly developing Flashover to ensure that everything is up-to-date. This also means that the suitcase will train anything, anytime. Because learning how to correctly fight any fire saves lives, and that is priceless.