User Friendly

Operator Module

At the heart of our solutions is our commitment to user-friendliness, embodied in our intuitive interface that makes the transition to virtual reality seamless, even for those without technical expertise.

Play, Evaluate & Create

Play Scenarios

Team up with your colleagues and play together to fulfill your mission, learn new skills and be prepared for the job. With our play option you are able to choose a big set of scenario’s which each accomplish their own goals.

Play, Evaluate & Create

Lesson Module

Our Lesson Module provides a systematic pathway for skill acquisition. From basics to advanced techniques, follow the curriculum designed by seasoned professionals, ensuring you get comprehensive training for every situation.

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Engineered With Care

Stable, Reliable and Secure

We take stability and reliability very serious. Evertying we release is fully tested. When a new version arrives, you don’t need to worry or stress.

Play, Evaluate & Create

Evaluate Every Move

Every decision and action during your training is tracked and assessed. Our solution offers detailed feedback, pinpointing areas of excellence and those needing improvement. Turn your experiences into learning opportunities, ensuring continuous growth.

Engineered With Care

Create Scenarios

Every fire department, police department or other communities have unique challenges. With Flashgroup, create training scenarios aligned with your specific needs. Whether urban or rural, high-rise or single-story, design environments that mirror your demands.

Take Controle

Instructor Mode

Take full control and prepare the training with customized lesson modules, ensuring that each session is finely tuned to the needs of your trainees. Whether it’s foundational knowledge or advanced techniques, set the pace, challenges, and content, ensuring a tailored experience that brings out the best in every trainee.

At Your Service


Need to reach out? We’re here to help. Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or require more information about our XR training solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Flashgroup, we value your input as we continuously strive to revolutionize emergency services training. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your journey to enhanced preparedness.