All-in-one firefighting VR suitcase

Firefighting is an essential part of the security of our society. So naturally the training of people who can fight fires is a valued asset. Traditional basic training is mandatory, but there are a lot of situations that cannot be recreated without being too dangerous or costly. Virtual Reality brings a solution for all the scenarios that are impossible to train. Through simulation a firefighter could be prepared for any scenario and train the most complex situations. This is exactly where Flashover comes in.

Flashover VR suitcase

The Flashover All-in-one firefighting VR suitcase is an all-in-one firefighting VR kit. It contains 4 VR headsets and 2 real-life nozzles decked out with sensors. The hardware and software are all inside the suitcase and can be set up within 5 minutes. Network connection is provided through an integrated WiFi-router and an integrated computer that can project the training to a large screen. You can train with up to 4 people in real-time while training according to the ‘train as you fight’ principle. Then why is it inside a suitcase? Just to make it as easy to use as it is to transport it. Carry it anywhere and use it anytime!

Plug & Play

A principle that stems from the uprising of hardware that you could instantly use. This applies to Flashover as well. The idea of training firefighting anywhere and anytime is what plug & play means. Anybody can use Flashover, it was designed with experts of the Fire Service. The drills and training provided by the VR suitcase are the perfect complement to traditional firefighting teachings and practices.